Parsan Exchange Terms & Conditions

Terms Conditions
Temporarily Temporarily because of COVID-19 our fees for transactions out of Australia will be as below:

  • Less than $1,000 -> $30
  • Between $1,000 & $5,000 -> $25
  • More than $5,000 -> No Fee
  • Money transfer services Parsan Exchange provides money transfer services whereby you authorize us to transfer funds to a person overseas; and/or receive Funds from a person overseas.
    Refunds and cancellation REFUNDS OF PRINCIPAL AMOUNT and cancellation of the money transfer will be made upon Your written request if payment to the Receiver has not yet been made or credited at the time the request is processed
    Refund Amounts less than $1,000 is subjected to 30$ fee and amounts between $1,000 to $5,000 is subjected to 25$ fee Order cancelation is subjected to 10% of the amounts cancelation fee
    Anti-Money Laundering Parsan Exchange are required by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to verify your identity before we can provide you with financial products and services. Electronic verification allows us to verify your identity by using electronic tools and external data sources
    Customers privacy Due to Privacy Act, we are subjected to protect your privacy. It is our company’s Code Of Conduct to respect customers privacy
    Information By sending information to us, you consent to your information being checked with the document issuer or official record holder. Javadi Pty ltd may ask for more information regarding your money transfer
    Refusing a payment order Parsan Exchange may refuse the payment order, if we cannot match the user’s name and address as provided to Javadi to your bank account or credit card details. In this case you may be liable for an administration charge, which will be deducted from your deposit
    Responsibility You are responsible for ensuring the payment details you provide are accurate. Once payment instructions have been executed by Javadi Pty ltd transactions cannot be reversed and Javadi Pty ltd will not be liable in any way for any loss you suffer as a result of a transaction being carried out in accordance with your instructions
    Rate Validity The offered rate is fixed for 1 hour until we receive a photo of your receipt
    Fixed Rate Guarantee After sending the receipt to us the rate is fixed and we will transfer the fund in destination with our agreed price in the day of deal. Please note that incase of market fluctuations the rate will not change in any circumstances
    Cancelation Fee In case of request for cancellation of the transfer 3% will be deducted from your fund, If we have not processed the transaction in destination country
    Required Documents In case of deficiency of your documents we may refuse to provide you service without any penalty
    Liability Policy Any mistake in providing information regarding the transaction from your side will not make Javadi Pty Ltd liable
    Transfer Fee Funds less than 1,000 Australian Dollars subjected to $15 transfer fee
    Privacy & Security
  • Your information – Your privacy
  • Your personal information is protected by the law
  • Document Verification By sending information you consent to your information being checked with the document issuer or official record holder